Australia Day Festival at Hyde Park, Sydney Australia

Image source: flickr.com . Author: Hasitha Tudugalle



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6) in Flickr

Flickr has become an indispensable tool for bloggers, with its huge treasure trove of images, which is why I am dedicating an article to flickr (based on my own experience and far from all kinds of advertisements carried out by it)

Medieval festival, Zemigallian battle. Tervete, Latvia

Image source: flickr.com . Author: Liga Eglite

The goal of Flickr: to allow people to share their photos, captured on their cellphones or professional devices, as well as their videos, with the whole world and can become web celebrities. ? Or simply share their photos with their families and friends scattered in different countries and regions.
Another goal of Flickr is to provide new ways of organizing photos and videos in space.
digital. Flickr makes it easy for friends, families, and other contacts to find the photos they want and add comments, notes, and tags.

Flickr is a free photo and video sharing website, with some paid features, Released February 10, 2004.
As of February 2017, the site hosts approximately thirteen billion photos for one hundred and twenty two million members and two million groups.
To fully benefit from the wealth of Flickr, you must have a free account (limited since 1/1/2019 to 1000 photos or videos) or a Pro account (unlimited).

MIRÁ Art Festival, at the Borges Cultural Center, Autonomous City of Buenos Aires

Image source: flickr.com . Author: Jimmy Baikovicius

Search on flickr: You can search for photos on Flickr for free and without registration. It is the downloading which is regulated by copyright.
The images are divided into 2 main categories:
a) The images of « All rights reserved », which can be consulted, but definitively prohibited from being downloaded.
b) The « Creative Commons » images, which can be viewed and downloaded under 5 different licenses:
1) no modification.
2) No commercial use – no modification.
3) no commercial use.
4) no commercial use-sharing according to the original conditions.
5) sharing according to the initial conditions.

If you need a free, free photo for your blog, you should search with the license filter, away from the « All rights reserved » images. Without forgetting that you are always obliged to mention in your article the source of the image (Flickr) and the author of the image (Name of the owner indicated in flickr). indicate the type of license, may also be required.
Note that Flickr has a treasure trove of rare and unique images, in the « Creative Commons » category, no less important than those in the « All rights reserved » category.

Summer Festival in Nagoya City, Sakae District, Japan.

Image source: flickr.com . Author: alcidesota@yahoo.com-OFF-For Several Months

Watch the example of Flickr search here

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