Extreme beauty in ICELAND (2)

Iceland has a fairly varied and very beautiful relief. The center of the island constitutes a vast plateau at an altitude of more than 500 m, and the coasts are often mountainous, cut into fjords. The highest point on the island is the Hvannadalshnjúkur volcano in the southeast, with an altitude of 2,109.6 m.
About 10% of the island is covered by glaciers that feed several large glacial rivers.

Aerial View of Viti Crater

Author: Hansueli Krapf. Source: commons.wikimedia.org

Kerlingarfjoll =mountains of the old lady (1477m)

Author: LalouBLue. Source: pixabay.com

Víti, the geothermal lake at the Askja caldera

Author: Boaworm. Source: commons.wikimedia.org

Iceland has a tundra climate subject to cold polar winds; But thanks to the Gulf Stream, its southern and western coasts benefit from a much milder temperature.
Due to the accelerated melting of glaciers against the backdrop of global warming, the island has experienced a rapid rise in its soil for 30 years. local climate change sufficient to melt the ice at an accelerated rate.
Iceland is located at the prox end of the Arctic Circle and is therefore very poorly lit, especially in winter.

Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon during a night with aurora borealis

Author: Moyan Brenn from Anzio, Italy . Source: commons.wikimedia.org

Hoffellsjökull Glacier
Due to climate change, the Hoffellsjökull Glacier has retreated from a considerable distance and a deep glacial lake is developing rapidly in the depression left behind.

Author: cheryl strahl. Source: flickr.com

The Blue Lagoon

Image source : amazingplacesonearth.com

Title photo: Iceland, Waterfall Godafoss (Author: photovicky.Source: pixabay.com)


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