Why is chocolate a great gift idea?

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Why is chocolate a great gift idea ?

1) Because most of the people in the world like to taste chocolate. Let us know that the world cocoa and chocolate market, estimated at 53,890 million USD in 2020 (chococlic), the annual consumption of each inhabitant, reaches in France 3.9 kg, in the USA 5.5 kg, in the United Kingdom reaches 6.8 kg, in Rusia 7.3 kg, in Germany 8.4, and in Switzerland 8.8 kg. (fr.statista). So if you give chocolate as a gift the risk of error is almost zero.
The love of chocolate dominates all people, genders, ages and social strata, making it easy to gift it to your loved one, family, friends, coworkers, and connections all sorts. You will make them happy for sure.

World Best Chocolates

2) Because chocolate is an excellent food for health. It is good for the heart, the cardiovascular system, the brain … It also protects against atherosclerosis, increases vigilance and attention, improves memory and neuronal plasticity, chocolate – thanks to serotonin – allows you to be relaxed, cool, less sensitive, and feel good.
Chocolate as a gift is a good message to others that you are interested in their health, morale and happiness.

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3) The gift of chocolate comes in a multitude of options: there are many types, colors, shapes, varieties, sizes, designs and flavors. There are white, dark, brown, solid, liquid and powder chocolates, chocolates with hazelnuts, with dried fruits, with or without milk, and chocolates with different percentages of cocoa.
When we want to give a gift, we like to have several choices at our disposal; to give the maximum pleasure with the gift.

Here is my favorite chocolate:

World Best Chocolates
I received zChocolate as a gift yesterday from my daughter. Very delicious 😋
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