« The Ninth Wave » by Ivan Aïvazovski


Seascape; With a boat in the foreground, huge waves, and a beautiful sunset.




Oil on canvas


221 × 332 cm


Russian Museum, St. Petersburg (Russia)


Nona Lohr

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License: CC0 Public Domain


Ivan Aïvazovski


Self-portrait (Photo User:  Alex-engraver.

Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovsky is a Russian painter of Armenian descent. He was born in Theodosia (Crimea) on 29 July 1817, and died in that same state-City on May 5, 1900.

He received his first artistic training at the Gymnasium of Simferopol, then (in 1833) he went to St. Petersburg to complete his training at the Imperial Academy of Fine Arts.
In 1837 Ivan Aivazovsky graduated from the Academy of St. Petersburg with a gold medal and received assistance from the Academy to further his studies. The Academy first sent him to the Crimea for two years to To paint marines there.
Between 1840 and 1844, he traveled to Europe: Italy, France, Germany, Holland, England, Spain and finally Malta.

He was appointed in 1845, painter of the staff of the Russian Navy. With the Russian fleet, he discovers Turkey, Greece, Egypt and America.

He was appointed in 1845, painter of the staff of the Russian Navy. With the Russian fleet he discovered Turkey, Greece, Egypt and America. He was the first foreign artist to be decorated with the French Legion of Honor. Then decorated by the Ottoman Sultan of the Order of Osmania, the highest distinction of the Ottoman Empire.
The paintings of Ivan Aivazovsky are distinguished by the search for light and a remarkable emotional approach. Thanks to this luminous and enchanting atmosphere, the paintings of the painter fill with reverie and emotion. He painted from memory and transcribed his sensations, without any previous studies.

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