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MADEIRA Island (Portugal)

Curral das Freiras Village

Image source: retratosdeviagens.blogspot

Madeira Island is the main island of a Portuguese archipelago made up of several other small islands, and located in the Atlantic Ocean.
It is 973 km from Lisbon and 640 km from Morocco. Its capital city is Funchal (100,000 inhabitants).
The island is volcanic and verdant, with an area of 750 km2.
Agriculture is the main economic sector, it produces mainly bananas, flowers, wine … tourism, which takes advantage of the charming nature, the temperate climate, the beautiful underwater landscape, and good infrastructure, has become an important sector.

Funchal city

Image source : en.wikivoyage

Calheta Beach

Image source : en.wikipedia / Xaviernunes 

Monte Palace tropical garden in Funchal

Image source : it.wikivoyage / Wouter Hagens 

Image of title, source: commons.wikimedia / David Lázaro

See other images of Madeira Island, here


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  • Amazing pictures and amazing article, thank you! Madeira Island is indeed chock-full of instagrammable places. It’s a clean, beautiful place. So you can focus on anything, as long as you’re allowed to, and with the right light, and the play of shadows, you have something worth instagramming. It’s an incredible city, for sure!

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