A great artist of the 19th century, little known: GUSTAVE CAILLEBOTTE (1)


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“Self-portrait” (1892) by Gustave Caillebotte

Photo source : commons.wikimedia

Gustave Caillebotte, is a French impressionist painter, born in Paris on August 19, 1848 and died in Gennevilliers on February 21, 1894.

He is an original artist by his themes, in particular the boredom and the extreme loneliness of the characters, who seem indifferent to each other in modern France. His works are also original by the distances and the foregrounds which are crushed and the horizon which is absent.
Caillebotte is one of the first great French painters who met with great success in the United States, where many of his paintings can be found today.

“Rainy day in Paris” (1877)

Photo source : loree-des-reves.com

“Rue halevy seen from the sixth floor” (1878)

Photo source : loree-des-reves.com

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