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My artistic creations for the months of May

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May 2016:

« Light and dark » (2016) by ALOZADE Ahmed

May 2017:

« Bi-charm » (2017) by ALOZADE Ahmed

May 2018:

« The precious energy of creation » (2018) by ALOZADE Ahmed

May 2019:

« In front of the unknown » (2019) by ALOZADE Ahmed

May 2020:

« Lyrical objects » (2020) by ALOZADE Ahmed

Tell me in your comments, which one do you prefer ?

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4 Comments on “My artistic creations for the months of May

  1. true thanks for the feedback. I want to start a journal learning about my favorite colors and how to mix them. I like how artists have signature colors.

  2. you should always look for and download new colors and palettes. and updating your software .. it’s a continuous job without stopping.

  3. your color palette has changed. How do you keep learning to work on color? I feel like I need a better grasp on that. I could just paint what I feel.

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