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BLED (Slovenia)

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Bled (8,191 inhabitants in 2012) is a municipality in the north-west of Slovenia, located in the region of Upper Carniola (Gorenjska), in the eastern part of the Julian Alps, not far from the motorway axis connecting via the tunnel from Karawanken the city of Klagenfurt (Austria) to Ljubljana, the Slovenian capital.


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In 1918 it passed under the tutelage of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, then of the Socialist Republic of Slovenia within Yugoslavia. Bled was the summer home of the Karađorđević family and then Marshal Josip Broz Tito who built a residence there in 1947.


Bled Castle

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Since 1991 and the independence of Slovenia, the region belongs to the independent republic of Slovenia. Bled became an independent municipality in 1996.

The city is famous for its lake and island. An 11th century castle, located on a steep cliff, overlooks the 130-meter lake. Bled is also a thermal spa. Many caves, waterfalls are present in its area.                                  [fr.Wikipedia]

Lake Bled

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