Sculptures not very famous in Edinburgh (1)



Sculptures not very famous

EDINBURGH (Scotland)

Statue of Earl Haig, relatively hidden in a backyard at the entrance to the National War Museum.
[Douglas Haig (1861 – 1928) is a British Marshal. During the First World War, he was at the head of the British expeditionary force in France]
(Image source: en.wikipedia / Kim Traynor)
The MS of Monte Cassino, by Eduardo Paolozzi (Image source: commons.wikimedia / subberculture)
Greyfriar’s Bobby Statue (Image source: flickr / mermaid )
Sculpture in the University of Edinburgh. (Image source: flickr / Rusaila Bazlamit)
In Edinburgh Castle (Image source: flickr / Dave)

In Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art (Image source: flickr / Marco Donati)

Image of title, source: commons.wikimedia / j lord

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