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“Window on an abstract”

My dear friends and visitors

I present to you one of my artistic works, which I had carried out on January 18, 2018, in the “Abstract expressionist” style
Please take a few minutes to write me your comments, suggestions and questions.
To encourage you and facilitate your observation, I have added 3 images of the details of this work.
Thank you very much dear ones.

“Window on an abstract” (1/2018) by ALOZADE Ahmed

Details 2
Details 3

9 réflexions sur “Your opinion interests me (2)

  1. The painting says “Autumn” to me. I like the colors. They draw me into a quiet forest where the only sounds are those of an occasional bird and the soft fluttering of leaves to the ground.

  2. very beautiful, i love the mix of color and shapes – they play off each other quite naturally

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