A climatically diverse country along the Pacific coast: CHILE

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Magallanes and Chilean Antartica (Image source: flickr / Claudio Sepúlveda Geoffroy)

The country of Chile is a narrow corridor of land that stretches along the west coast of America, between the ocean and the mountains (Andes Cordillera). Its coastline follows the coast of the Pacific Ocean for more than 6,000 km. from north to south, it crosses several climatic zones (from the temperate desert climate in the north to the polar oceanic climate in the south).

Valle del Maule (Image source: flickr / Max Besser Jirkal)
Quintay beach, Valparaíso (Image source: flickr / manuel alarcón)
Torres del Paine ( Image source: flickr / Douglas Scortegagna)
Easter Island (Image source: flickr / Peter Waterman)

Image of title, source: juananquintana.blogspot / Juan Antonio

Watch images of the capital of Chile, here

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