The most beautiful place in the world: PALAWAN

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PALAWAN (Philippines)

El Nido (Image source: ja.wikipedia / Fly Boy philippin)

Palawan is an island in the Sulu Sea located in the western Philippines.
The island is oriented southwest northeast, with a length of 450 km.
Palawan Island is famous for its limestone cliffs, tropical forests, gardens under the sea, wildlife, … It is rich in light, greenery, and water ……… The commander Cousteau described it as “the most beautiful place he had ever explored”.

Bacuit Bay (Image source: flickr / cisc1970)
Diving hut (Image source:
Princesa Palm Beach (Image source: flickr / Velen 張 )
Puerto Princesa underground river (Image source: fr.wikipedia / Charima312017 )
El Nido beach (Image source: flickr / Allan Ascaño )
Clownfish in sea anemone (Image source:
Indigenous Pala’wan plant rainfed rice (Image source:

Image of title, source: flickr / ididj0emama

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