Japan’s Olympic Games Cities (2021)

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Japan’s Olympic Games Cities

Kōtō (Tokyo special district):

Image source: flickr / Umberto Luparelli

Shibuya (Tokyo special district) :

Image source: pt.wikipedia / Landry Miguel
Image source: japancultpopbr

Hachiōji (40 km west of Tokyo) :

Image source: resources.realestate.co.jp

Izu (in the center of the Izu peninsula, about 100 km, southwest of Tokyo):

Image source: nikkeyweb.org.br

Hakuba (about 270 km northwest of Tokyo) :

Image source: en.wikipedia / 663highland

Hirono (about 240 km, north of Tokyo) :

Image source: pikkeo.fr

Naraha (8.5 km north of Hirono) :

Image source: furusato.ana.co.jp

Image of title, source: jesuisla.it

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