Great little-known contemporary artist: Kal Gajoum


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Kal Gajoum

Great little-known contemporary artist

 “Avenue de Friedland, Paris” (Image source:
“New york lights” (Image source:

Kal Gajoum is a Canadian painter born in Tripoli (Lybia) in 1968 to a Tunisian mother and a Libyan father. He is a contemporary painter established in Canada since 2003.
In 1986, he moved to Paris, then in 2003, he settled in Canada, more precisely in Vancouver, then more recently, settled in Montreal.
Kal Gajoum, which is in the New Impressionism style, specializes in oil painting with a painting knife. His creations are mainly based on very contemporary urban scenes inspired by the lively environment of large cities.

“Plazza de la rotonda, Roma” (Image source:
“Note-dame de Quebec” (Image source:
“Whitehall London” (Image source:

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