A little-known pre-impressionist: WILLIAM TURNER


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“The Burning of the House of Lords and Commons, October 16, 1834” (1835) [Image source: fr.wikipedia ]

Joseph Mallord William Turner, .. (Birth: April 23, 1775 – London; Death: December 19, 1851- London), .. is a British painter, watercolorist and printmaker. Initially of the English romantic vein, his work is marked by a daring innovative research which makes him consider, with his contemporary John Constable, as a precursor of impressionism …. Turner is also one of the greatest English masters of landscapes to watercolor. He won the nickname « painter of light ». Most of Turner’s works are kept at Tate Britain….                                                                                                        


“Rome, view from the Aventine” (1835) [ Image source: fr.wikipedia.org ]
“Fish market, on Hastings Beach” (1810) [ Image source: fr.vikidia.org ]
“Rain, Steam and Speed” (1844) [ Image source: fr.vikidia.org ]
“Dutch ships in the storm” (1801) [Image source: fr.wikipedia ]
“Bonneville, Savoie” (1803) [ Image source: fr.vikidia.org ]

Photo of title, source: fr.m.wikipedia

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