Traveling in 2021: Tallinn, the city of the arts

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TALLINN (Estonia)

The city of the arts
Artistic view of the houses ( Image source: flickr / Naval S )
Kadriorg Palace ( Image source: flickr / Jorge Franganillo )
Mural de Boa Mistura para el Festival Mextonia en Teleskivi Tallin ( Image source: es.wikipedia / Lahojarascayelzorro )
Folk dancers in the streets of Tallinn ( Image source: af.wikipedia / Brams )
Image source: flickr / Vestman
Image source: flickr / Erick Opena
“In the war of independence” (1918-1920) Image source: flickr / Graham Stone
Estonian National Opera ( Image source: fr.wikipedia )

( Image of title source: flickr / ToBreatheAsOne )

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