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« Women of Goulimine*«  ( Image source: flickr / Le Salon de la Mappemond )

* Goulimine is a small town in the south of Morocco, it is the gateway to the Sahara

Edy-Legrand, is a French painter, born in Bordeaux on July 24, 1892 and died in Bonnieux in 1970.
He exhibited his works, in several salons in France (including Galerie Weill) then in salons in the USA (including the Art Institute of Chicago)
Edy-Legrand had lived in Morocco for 20 years, where he discovered a fascinating nature, a society in the voice of radical change, and the vibrations of lights and colors.
In this post, some works by Edy-Legrand, on Morocco at the beginning of the 20th century:

« The Kasbah*«  ( Image source: baidu / budarts.com )

* Kasbah is a citadel of Berber architecture

« View of a Square in Tangiers*«  ( Image source: baidu / budarts.com )

*Tangier is a coastal city in the far north of Morocco, opposite Spain

« ASSEMBLY OF WOMEN ON A TERRACE » ( Image source: flickr / Le Salon de la Mappemon )
« Horsemen on the Edge of the Wadi*«  ( Image source: baidu / budarts.com )

*Wadi = River

Image of title, source: Image source: baidu / budarts.com

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