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« There is a blue sky over dark places »

My dear friends and visitors. I present to you my recent artistic creation, which I made on September 11, 2021, in the « Lyrical Abstract » style
Please take a few minutes to write me your comments, suggestions and questions.
To encourage you and facilitate your observation, I have added 3 images of the details of this work.
Thank you very much my dear friends.

« There is a blue sky over dark places » (9/2021) by ALOZADE Ahmed
Details 2
Details 3

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7 Comments on “Your opinion interests me (3)

  1. Dear Christine.🌻🌿🌾
    I must admit that the mega-terrible events of 9/11 have an influence on my creation, as they have a great influence on my life and my thoughts. For me (liberal intellectual who lives among the Islamists) it was the real politico_cultural apocalypse it was the end of my utopian dream, the end of hope and the end of the only power that can secure the free world and the world. ‘free spirit. I was with my philosopher brother (died in 2002) we watched TV, we discussed and we analyze, as if our country and our house were under attack. I always remember the words of my brother: « that is not the victory of the Islamists, it is the beginning of their end » that was the philosophical hope. that I still keep. long live the USA

  2. Hello !
    Well I love the colors chooses you made , it really portrays the main idea of your art work , it’s very clever of you how u used the sky blue color in thoses spots , keep going hard luck for you ❤️

  3. I like them all but somehow am drawn to the first one but I can’t explain why.

  4. Ahmed, this painting does capture the horror of 9/11. You can feel the fire and terror of the people caught in the blaze.Their last glimpse of blue sky overhead. It was a terrible day. I was at a conference in a Washington DC. hotel. The news broadcast 24/7. The smoke from the Pentagon visible from the hotel. I made it back home five days later to the West coast. A sinking feeling, so many people lost their lives. So many friends and family grieving. 🙏🏻 Christine

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