The good weather of the equator, all year round, in Tunguarahua

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Image source: Person-with-No Name

Tungurahua is a province of the Republic of Ecuador.
It is famous for its beautiful nature (especially the National Park of LLanganates and the active Tungurahua volcano), and its provincial capital Ambato (industrial and commercial city, which is at an altitude of 2,577 m, with 165,000 inhabitants)

landscape near Banos ( Image source: sv.wikipedia )
Runtún ( Image source: flickr / Shobeir Ansari )
Tungurahua Volcano ( Image source: )
Banos city ( Image source: es.wikipedia / Roar Johansen )
Ambato city ( Image source: flickr / Maximiliano Dobladez )
Ambato Carnival  ( Image source: flickr / Karina Diaz )

Image of title, source: es.wikipedia / Dr. Carlos Costales Terán

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