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The Waltz”, 1895-1905 ( Image source: )

Camille Claudel was born on December 8, 1864 in Fère-en-Tardenois (Aisne – France). She was the oldest of three children.
His mother -Madame Claudel- was busy from morning to evening with household chores. “She never had a moment to think of herself, nor of others – describes Paul, Camille’s brother – .. She never embraced us” The values ​​of the home were work, economy, honesty, sense of duty.
In 1876, the family moved to Nogent-sur-Seine, Camille (12) began her first artistic creations there (first clay figurines), with the help of her brothers. The sculptor Alfred Boucher visited the young artist, following a request from the father.

Bust of Madame Claudel, the artist’s mother” 1883 (Image source: flickr / Peter )

In 1881, the family moved to Paris, where the brother (Paul) continued his higher education, while Camille took sculpture lessons at the Colarossi Academy.
In 1884, she entered the studio of the famous artist Rodin, as a practitioner, then his collaborator, his mistress and his model, and finally his wife.

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“The Mature Age” 1895 ( Image source: flickr / Hetx )

After 8 years of strong activities, creativity and celebrity, the romantic and professional relationships between the two artists weakened in 1892. From 1893, Camille Claudel moved away from Rodin and isolated himself in his new workshop. She became independent, and more active, she exhibited in a large number of art fairs including the famous “Paris Universal Exhibition of 1900”.

Camille Claudel in her Paris Studio ( Image source: / Olivia Land )

After the departure of her brother Paul for China in 1906, Camille Claudel ceased all creative activity and undertook the destruction of several of her sculptures (It is believed that she suffered from a mental illness). From 1911, his state of health and mental state became really worrying. His life becomes miserable, isolated, and disrupted by the terror of the “Rodin gang”.
On March 10, 1913, she was interned in Ville-Evrard for treatment, following her mother’s request. She will be transferred to the asylum of Montdevergues, she remains there 30 years, during this time, she does not receive any from her father (died in 1913), from her mother (died in 1929) and from her sister (died in 1935), nor de Rodin (died in 1917) 12 visits only from his brother Paul.

Camille Claudel died on October 19, 1943, in Montfavet (Avignon, France)

Rêve au coin du feu” 1905 ( Image source: )

Image of title: Black and white portrait of Camille Claudel made in 1882, restored and colored in 2020. source: commons.wikimedia / Marcoreardon

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