The charming little country MOLDOVA

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The charming little country MOLDOVA

The FlaveDor business uses drones and GIS data to digitize the vineyard inspection process. ( Image source: flickr / USAID Digital Development )

Moldova is a country in Eastern Europe, between Romania and Ukraine, its area does not exceed 33,851 km2, its population is around 3 million inhabitants.
Moldova is famous for its forests, rocky hills, wine regions, 30 nature reserves, historic citadels and National History Museum.
The Republic of Moldova proclaimed its independence on August 27, 1991.
Its capital: Chișinău

Near Cruzesti Village (Image source: flickr / V.L.)
Dacia Boulevard, Chisinau city (Image source: flickr / V.L.)
Monastery town (Image source: flickr / Guttorm Flatabø)
Condrița monastery (Image source: de.wikipedia / Pudelek )
Cliffs of Orheiul Vechi ( Image source: fr.wikipedia / Dave Proffer )
Moldavians dressed in traditional costume dance during opening ceremony of The National Wine Festival in Chisinau  ( Image source: / REUTERS/Gleb Garanich)

Image of title, source: Ion Chibzil, Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0

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