“Sailboat on the lake in autumn”


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“Sailboat on the lake in autumn”

Created on September 23, 2021

“Sailboat on the lake in autumn” ( 9/2021) by ALOZADE Ahmed

“Sailboat on the lake in autumn” is an artistic creation, in the style of new realism. The environmental subject represents the beauty of nature during the fall. All the artists stop in front of this beauty in this exceptional season.
The technique is impressionistic, with a large role of air and water movements, and color palette.

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4 réflexions sur ““Sailboat on the lake in autumn”

  1. This is a very joyful painting, beautiful colors… sweet with the sailboat, which is so small, yet somehow it still stands out, I see the sail with all the fall colors, trees surrounding it. Excellent work.

  2. Dear Christine.
    Your opinion interests me a lot, because you have an excellent artistic taste.
    Thank you again, for your encouragement which gives me energy
    Good evening 🌻🍁🌾🍃

  3. Ahmed, this is an extraordinary painting. It definately depicts autumn colors and shapes on the banks of a lake. It’s an all around beautiful setting. Nicely done, my friend. 📚 Christine

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