Russia’s most beautiful natural site: LAKE BAIKAL

Olkhon, the largest island in Lake Baikal (length 100 km)

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LAKE BAIKAL, Siberian Pearl ( Russia)

Image source: flickr / Sergei Ozerov

Lake Baikal is the deepest lake in the world (1642 m), and also the largest freshwater reserve on the planet (Lake area 31,722 km2, water volume 23,600 km3).
Lake Baikal is located in the south-east of Russia, 120 km from the Russian borders with Mongolia; It is surrounded by the Lablonovy and Bargouzine mountains to the east and the Baikal mountains to the west. There are many endemic species there, which do not live anywhere else.
The most important city in its region is Irkutsk (624,000 inhabitants).

Image source: flickr / Kyle Taylor
Baikalskoe city and Baikal mountains ( Image source: eu.wikipedia / Raki_Man )
Listvyanka seaside resort ( Image source: en.wikivoyage / Митя Алешковский )
View of Baikal Lake with Sayan Mountain Range ( Image source: flickr / miquitos )
Adventurous tourists have long visited the lake to cross it frozen and participate in more regular expeditions like kayaking, skating and biking. (Image source: )
Nerpa (Pusa sibirica) [The Siberian seal is an ash gray seal with dark spots for adults, white and woolly for juveniles] ( Image source: flickr / Sergey Gabdurakhmanov )
Irkutsk city ( Image source: bg.wikipedia / Aleksandr Zykov )

Image of title, source: flickr / seledam

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