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 The Trg Žrtava Fašizma (Victims of Fascism square)

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Zagreb is the capital of Croatia, of course, but it is still a medium-sized city (700,000 inhabitants) located in the north of the country near the Sava river and at the foot of the Medvednica mountains.
52% of Croatian companies are headquartered in Zagreb. Most of the tourist attractions are concentrated in its historic center. Zagreb has 21 museums and 14 art galleries.

 Ban-Jelačić square (Image source: libela.org)
Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts ( Image source: commons.wikimedia / Diego Delso )
Center of Zagreb. Ilica street , The main street of the city ( Image source: flickr / Matej Duzel )
Zrinjevac Park ( Image source: flickr / M. King )
Roundabout in west Novi Zagreb ( Image source: en.wikipedia / SpeedyGonsales )
Nikola Tesla statue, at the corner of Nikola Tesla Street. Work of Ivan Meštrović ( Image source: commons.wikimedia / Silverije )

Nikola Tesla, (1856-1943), Croatian-American inventor and engineer who discovered and patented the rotating magnetic field and Tesla coil of radios.

Classical and Jazz in the street ( Image source: absolute-croatia.com )

Image of title, source: en.wikipedia / MislavK

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