“The red river”

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“The red river”

Created on 05 October 2021

“The red river” (10/2021) by ALOZADE Ahmed

“Red River” is an artistic creation in the style of neorealism (among the styles of modern art).
In this creation, I imagined a charming, calm, lively and romantic nature, which I made using impressionist brushes.
In this nature flows a great red river … Why is it red? Each spectator will have a different answer, which leads to a metaphysical dilemma, at the base of this work, linked to the famous challenges of contemporary human life (pollution, climate change, industrialization, depletion of natural resources, intensity of human activities, wars. , spread of mental disorders, ..).

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2 réflexions sur ““The red river”

  1. thank you very much dear Christine. I improve my art thanks to your encouragement, I will like more and more.

  2. Ahmed, the Red River painting is strikingly beautiful. The individual elements can stand on their own as paintings. The natural abstracts are very pleasing to the eye. Nicely done. 📚🎶 Christine

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