Do you know this French city ?

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Do you know this place ?

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Rennes is a French city, capital of the Brittany region. It is located in the north-west of France. Its urban area includes 730,000 inhabitants.
The city was founded by the Riedones in Gallo-Roman times. It is known in recent years as: “City of administrations”, “City of telecommunications”, “Great student city”, “City of art and history”, “Green city” and “The most pleasant city of France”.

The Porte Mordelaise (an entrance gatehouse, a vestige of the ramparts of Rennes. Its architecture dates mainly from the 15th century) [Image source: fr.wikipedia / Thomas Bresson ]

Rennes has many parks such as Thabor where you can stroll and even if the weather is good for a picnic. The Beauregard park has a large sculpture, the Landry park welcomes cows and sheep which mow its lawns and the Maurepas park is home to a miniature cycle path with stops and red lights.

Rennes Opera House ( Image source: fr.wikipedia / Édouard Hue )
Festival Yaouank in Rennes ( Image source: fr.wikipedia / Jérémy Kergourlay )

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