Sculptures not very famous, in Kyushu island

Sculptures in the Nanzoin Temple

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Sculptures not very famous

in KYUSHU ( Island of Japan )

The main monument in the Nagasaki Peace Park. According to the plaque, the elevated right hand is a warning about the threat of nuclear weapons, while the extended left symbolizes tranquility and peace. The physique represents divine love and peace, and the closed eyes are in prayer. (Image source: flickr / Chris Gladis )
Sculpture in Kumamoto city ( Image source: flickr / IMBiblio )
Above the pier in Kagoshima city, there are sculptures of beautiful female athletes. ( Image source: )
Statue in Ōita city ( Image source: flickr / RachelH_ )
Street sculpture in Nagasaki city ( Image source: flickr / Les Walsh )
Statue of a nun in Amakusa ( Image source : flickr / JoshBerglund19 )
in Kagoshima city ( Image source: flickr / Patrick Müller )

Image of title, source: flickr / Alexander Schimmeck

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