Where are the best restaurants in the world?

RESTAURANT CENTRAL in Lima, capital of Peru

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Where are the best restaurants in the world ?

Noma restaurant:

in Copenhagen city, the capital of Denmark

Image source: flickr / Ross
Copenhagen city ( Image source: flickr / Olivier Bruchez )

Mirazur restaurant :

in the city of Menton in the south of France

Image source: nordicnibbler.blogspot.com
Menton town ( Image source: travelsguideonline.com )

Asador Etxebarri restaurant:

in the small town of Atxondo, in the north of Spain

Image source: thegourmetforager.com
Axpe in Atxondo ( Image source: eu.wikipedia )

Gaggan Anand Restaurant:

in Watthana, Bangkok city, Thailand

Image source: flickr / Kent Wang
Bangkok city, capital of Thailand ( Image source: en.wikipedia / Diego Delso )

Image of title, source: flickr / World Tourism Organization

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