Rare images of Buenos Aires

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Rare images


Capital of Argentina

Image source: lacomuna7.com.ar / Gustavo Viera
Puerto Madero neighborhood ( Image source: commons.wikimedia / Deensel )
San Nicolas district ( Image source: flickr / Juan Verni )
Fountain located at the intersection of avenues 9 de Julio and Córdoba ( Image source: commons.wikimedia / Sking )
Retiro Belgrano Station ( Image source: flickr / “André M.” )
Homage to the National Ballet, located in Plaza Lavalle, is a memorial – installed in a fountain – to the nine members of the Teatro Colón ballet troupe who died in a plane crash. ( Image source: flickr/ Wally Gobetz )
Tango in a street of Buenos Aires ( Image source: it.wikipedia / Valerie Hinojosa )
in zoo ( Image source:flickr / marcusrg – Hello, nice to m )

Image of title, source: wallhaven.cc

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