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South Tarawa city ( Capital of Kiribati)

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The Kiribati Islands is an independent state in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Kiribati is the only country in the world that is located at the intersection of two lines: Equator (horizontal) and Longitude 180 ° (vertical). The first land in the world to receive the lights of the New Year’s sun is Malden Island (the small uninhabited island of 40 km2).

GILBERT-ISLANDS (Image source: flickr / Charly W. Karl )

The Kiribati archipelago consists of the isolated island of Banaba and three archipelagos (726 km² of land). Only the Gilbert Islands and Banaba Island have been inhabited (110,000 inhabitants) for several centuries.
The Kiribati Islands are home to a very rich marine biodiversity, 25% of its marine area is protected or prohibited from fishing. The main exports are aquarium fish. Tourism remains quite limited, mainly due to difficult air transport.

Image source: flickr / Luigi Guarino

For the conditions of its site and its situation, climatologists predict for Kiribati a warming of surface temperatures, an increase in precipitation, an acidification of the oceans and a rise in sea level, aggravated by the low altitude (if we do not count not Banaba, the only island which rises to 81 meters, the summits of all other islands do not exceed 12m from Joe’s hill, on Christmas Island).
It is a question of existence or extinction for this country.The political leaders think that the population would be obliged to be transported to its new territory (some 2000 hectares, already purchased in Fiji in 2014), transferred to Australia, in New Zealand, or in artificial islands.

Sea level rise in Tarawa Island ( Image source: / Markus Henssler )
Dancers from the Kiribati community ( Image source: flickr/ 350 .org )
Coral reefs near Enderbury Island ( Image source: / / Dr. Randi Rotjan)
Image source: / Markus Henssler
Presidential Residence ( Image source: en.wikivoyage / Jopolopy )

Image of title, source: / Markus Henssler

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