The genius sculptor: Gian Lorenzo Bernini

“Kidnapping of Proserpine” (1622)


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Gian Lorenzo Bernini

“Fountain of the Four Rivers”  in the Piazza Navona, Rome (1651) ( Image source: flickr / Fred Romero )

Gian Lorenzo Bernini, known as Le Bernini, is an Italian sculptor, architect and painter. He was born in Naples on December 7, 1598 and died in Rome on November 28, 1680.
Bernini is the main artist of Baroque art. His works are
characterized by the search for movement, the twisting of shapes and the effects of illusion.
He had started with decorative and architectural creations, which caught the attention of the popes in Rome. At the beginning of the 17th century, Bernini began to be recognized as a talented sculptor famous in Italy, before becoming famous in the world.

“Triton Fountain”, located in Piazza Barberini, Rome (1643) ( Image source: flickr / Dalton )
Saint Peter’s Square is a large esplanade, located in front of Saint Peter’s Basilica, in the Vatican. The architecture of this square is a masterpiece by Bernini made between 1658 and 1667. ( Image source: flickr / Pablo Cabezos )
“The Medusa” (1648) ( Image sqource: flickr / rocor )
Truth Unveiled by Time (1652) ( Image source: en.wikipedia )
“A Faun Teased by Children” (1616) ( Image source: commons.wikimedia )

Image of title, source: flickr / Javier Valero Iglesias

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