PICTURE OF THE DAY (November 11, 2021)

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Radical change in Greenland

Image source: haroonsheikh.nl

On the island of Greenland, the ice is moving away from the population. He leaves behind vast expanses of liquid water and new lands in whose belly hides great wealth.
The question of the exploitation, by an Australian company with Chinese capital, of the rare earth and uranium deposit in the extreme south of the island (one of the largest deposits in the world) has triggered a political crisis which resulted in early elections to the local parliament.
Greenland’s new parliament has passed a law banning uranium exploration and mining in the vast Danish Arctic Autonomous Territory, a pledge from the red-green party that won the spring elections.
“We have to say no to the mine and allow us to develop our country in a way that is unique to us. In Greenland we have clean air, unspoiled nature, we live in harmony with nature and we do not are not going to pollute it, “said a member o
f the majority.

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