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is a bay, on the southwestern shore of Cyprus, famous for its beautiful and historic beaches, forests, historic sites and fish restaurants.
It is a place of protected nature, especially with the nesting of green and loggerhead turtles, which are endangered species.
Not far from the bay is the city of Limassol (1st port and 2nd city of Cyprus with 250,000 inhabitants)

Pissouri Beach (Image source:
Akrotiri Salt Lake
Melanda beach (Image source: /dimitrisvetsikas1969 )
Kourion archaeological site ( Image source: en.wikipedia / Michal Osmenda )
The city of Limassol and its tallest commercial building in Cyprus ( Image source: en.wikipedia / Cybarco )
Green Turtle  ( Image source: commons.wikimedia / Ahmed Abdul Rahman)

Image of title, source: flickr /Glen Bowman

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