The great painter of women: Philip Alexius de László

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Philip Alexius de László

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Philip Alexius de László, is a British painter of Hungarian origin born April 30, 1869 and died in London on November 22, 1937.
He deserves to be nicknamed “The European Artist”, because he was born to a modest Jewish father in Pest (Hungary), he studied art in Munich (Germany) and in Paris (France), He lived in Budapest (Hungary), Austria and Ireland, before settling in London (GB) at the age of 38.
Becoming famous, he painted portraits of members of the family of King Edward VII, Theodore Roosevelt (President of the USA) and other political figures.
With more than 2700 portraits he is “the great painter of portraits of the 19th and 20th centuries”; And with a large number of his works which represent women from political and bourgeois families, he also deserves the title “The Painter of Women”.

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Hélène de Berquely-Richards (1908-2004) (1935) ( Image source: commons.wikimedia )
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