The most dangerous beautiful island for tourists: RAMREE island

Ramree island

Ramree Island is the largest island in Myanmar. The island has an area of approximately 1,350 square kilometers (520 square miles) and its main populated center is the town of Ramree.
the island (which was, for centuries, a fishing village) has a bridge over the strait connecting the island to the mainland coast.
The island is famous for its natural beauty, forests, beaches and mud volcanoes … but it is also famous for the danger posed by the thousands of giant crocodiles (which devoured hundreds of Japanese soldiers in 1945) .
In this island there are also poisonous scorpions everywhere as well as mosquitoes carrying malaria.

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Zikha Taung is the highest point on Ramree Island (300m) ( Image source: )
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 Coral microatoll in the intertidal zone ( Image source: flickr / Squirrel Liu )
The saltwater crocodile of Ramree island, is the largest reptilian predator in the world. (Image source:

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