Rare images of Shenyang city

Shenyang is China’s 9th largest city, with 7.5 million inhabitants. It is the capital of Liaoning province in the northeast of the country.
Shenyang is one of the main centers of China’s high-tech industries and commerce. It is also a finance center and a university center (with 30 universities and 400 research institutes)

Beiling Park (Zhao Mausoleum of the Qing Dynasty) ( Image source: fr.wikipedia / Techyan )
A coin shaped building in the financial district ( Image source: flickr / Brian Yap )
Image source: flickr / Satoshi KINOKUNI
Liaoning Museum ( Image source: flickr / xiquinhosilva )
Sidewalk Statue (Image source: flickr / Gary Todd )
Shenyang University’s iconic library ( Image source: en.wikipedia /  Catch153 )
Image source: isidorsfugue.com/Brian Glucroft

Image of title: Shenyang Qingnian park & Fengyutan street. Source: flickr / 博文 張

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