The famous Canadian painter: Cornelius Krieghoff

Cornelius David Krieghoff (June 19, 1815 – March 5, 1872) is the most famous 19th century Canadian landscape painter (of Dutch origin). He was born on June 19, 1815 in Amsterdam, he traveled a lot through Western Europe and North America, before settling in Montreal in 1846. He was interested in the landscapes of Quebec and in native culture ( origin of his wife). He died on March 5, 1872 in Chicago.

Self-portrait by Cornelius Krieghoff (1855 ) (Image source: commons.wikimedia )

“Indian hunter and his family” (1856) ( Image source: commons.wikimedia )
“The Blacksmith’s Shop” (1871) ( Image source: en.wikipedia )
“The Passing Storm, Saint-Ferréol (1854) ( Image source: pl.wikipedia )
“Winter Landscape, Laval” (1862) ( Image source: en.wikipedia )
“Bilking the Toll” (1860) (Image source: commons.wikimedia )

Image of title: Chippewas on the caribou hunt” (1861) ( source: commons.wikimedia )

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