Traveling in 2022: Chatham Island

Chatham Island is the largest island in the Chatham Archipelago in New Zealand, which also includes 9 much smaller islands.
Chatham Island is located in the South Pacific Ocean, 800 km from New Zealand’s two main islands. Therefore, the island is subject to a subarctic, very cold and windy oceanic climate.
The island has an area of 900 km², with a population of 600, most of whom live in the village of Waitangi (where there is a port, shops, a bank and a hospital).

Temperature today in Waitangi: 15 ° c 59 ° f / 13 ° c 55.4 ° f

Town of Waitangi ( Image source: fr.wikipedia / Vk2cz )
Image source: ceb.wikipedia / Ville Miettinen 
Chatham Island Coast, (with Pitt Island in the background) ( Image source:  LawrieM, Wikimedia Commons / CC BY-SA 4.0)
Chatham Island Festival ( Image source: )
Waitangi beach ( Image source: flickr / Charles Brewer )
Waitangi Day ( Image source: flickr / Richard Walker )
Chatham Islands kakaha (is a species of flowering perennial plant in the Asteliaceae family, from the Chatham Islands) ( Image source:

Image of title, source: flickr / Newsbie Pix

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