Traveling in 2022: BHUTAN

The Kingdom of Bhutan is a country in the eastern Himalayan range, landlocked between India and China. Its capital and largest city is Thimphu. After a century and a half of the domination of the British Empire, it broke away from independent India in 1949.
The area of Bhutan is 38,394 km2, dominated by the Himalayan mountains, including peaks that exceed 7000m.
Most of the population (780,000) is concentrated in the highlands and western valleys, dominated by forests and a semi-tropical climate.

Lobesa valley and the rice fields ( Image source: flickr / Carsten ten Brink )
Mount Chomolhari 7,326 m ( Image source: en.wikipedia / Mario Biondi writer )
Thimphu city (Image source: fr.wikipedia / Christopher J. Fynn )
A street in Thimphu city ( Image source: flickr / Cameron Woodworth)
Covered bridge in Paro ( Image source: flickr / Richard Mortel )
Bhutan festival ( Image source: flickr / Adam Singer )
Dancer at the festival ( Image source: flickr / Carsten ten Brink )

Image of title, source: flickr / Carsten ten Brink

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