Traveling in 2022: Moravia-Silesia

Moravia-Silesia is a region in eastern Czechia, on the borders with Poland and Slovakia.
Its area: 5,445 km2, Its population: 1,192,800 inhabitants.
The region contains the Hrubý Jeseník mountain range (1491m), the Oder river and five nature parks.
The capital city of the region is Ostrava (285,000 inhab.), The industrial and cultural center.

Hrubý Jeseník mountains ( Image source: flickr / Olgierd Rudak )
Ondřejnice flowing through the village Hukvaldy ( Image source: commons.wikimedia / Daniel Baránek )
Velký Polom Nature Park ( Image source: cs.wikipedia / Maoman )
Jablunkov town, Lomná river (Image source: commons.wikimedia /  Hons084 )
Ostrava city (market square) ( Image source: pt.wikipedia / Pudelek )
Ostrava city ( Image source: flickr / Rob )
Bruntál town ( Image source: flickr / Petr Dadák )

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