GOYA: The famous Spanish painter

Francisco de Goya, Spanish painter and printmaker, born March 30, 1746 – died April 16, 1828. Goya’s art is considered a pioneer of contemporary painting in the twentieth century.The primordial importance of Goya’s paintings derives from his immortalization of great historical events (especially the wars in Spain), through an art carrying a universal human message.

Portrait of Francisco de Goya, by López Portaña”  (1772–1850) ( Image source: fr.wikipedia )
“On May 2, 1808 in Madrid” ( Image source: fr.wikipedia )
“Aggression of thieves” (1794) ( Image source: fr.wikipedia )
“The dressed Maja” (1800) ( Image source: fr.wahooart.com )
“May 3rd (1814)” ( Image source: flickr / Context Travel )
“Hannibal the winner looking from the Alps towards Italy for the first time” (1771) ( Image source: pl.wikipedia )

Image of title: “Majas on a Balcony” 1800-1810 ( Source: flickr / Jorge Elías )

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