Who are the Heroes of the year 2021 ?

Dear friends and visitors,
I offer you my best wishes for the New Year 2022. I wish you good health, success, happiness, love … and peace.

On this occasion, I present to you my list of the men and women who were the best in 2021, historical heroes in my opinion:

King of Morocco Mohammed VI: The best political success in the world this year.

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX: With his tremendous technological achievements in his vision to change the world and humanity.
Moncef Salawi: The immunologist who successfully fought the COVID-19 virus with a vaccine.

Romain Langlois: The French sculptor who revolutionized contemporary artistic creation, by adding the environmental impact, the relationship between room and space, and the deformation of the material.

Lionel Messi: who won his seventh Ballon d’Or this year, for his art of playing, his genius in decision-making, his essential role in team coordination, his respectful and friendly personality … and the pleasure it has given to billions of spectators.

Yulimar Rojas: the woman who pushed the limits of the triple jump to an all-time high of 15.67m, during the Tokyo Olympics.

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  1. Happy New Year, Ahmed. Best wishes for the new year. 🥳🎶 Christine

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