The breathtaking nature of the Altaï prefecture

Altai Prefecture is an administrative division of the Xinjiang Autonomous Region in the far northeast of China.
It contains part of the Altai mountain range, which crosses 4 countries: Mongolia, China, Kazakhestan and Russia, with a summit reaching 4506 m (Mount Beloukha).
Its area: 117,709.61 km2.
Its population: more than 600,000 inhabitants
Its capital: the city of Altai.

Image source: /  Qiu Taijian/
Kanas Lake ( Image source: flickr / 韵升(Yunsheng) 白(Bai) )
Xinjiang Kanas park ( Image source: flickr / G Witteveen )
Altai City ( Image source: )
The small village of Hemu in Burqin County ( Image source: / Aibo Hua )
The Grand Canyon of Irtysh ( Image source: )

Image of title, source: flickr / korgik_k

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