Traveling in 2022: BELIZE

Belize is a kingdom located in Central America, southeast of Mexico, on the coast of the Caribbean Sea (member of the Commonwealth of Nations)
Its area of 22 966 km2 consists of flat, marshy coastal plains with some low mountains. The country is characterized by its large forest areas and its very hot and humid tropical climate [Temperature today in Belize City: 81 ° F (17 ° c) / 73 ° F (23 ° c)]
The kingdom’s population has reached 400,000 inhabitants. The largest city: Belize city (60,000 inhab.). Capital: Belmopan.
Belize preserves many historical monuments inherited from the Mayan civilization.

Sun Island ( Image source: flickr / Kuyler McComas )
Mayan ruins of Caracol ( Image source: flickr / Nathan LeClair )
Image source: flickr / Austin Adventures
Sleeping Giant Resort in the Mayan Mountains ( Image source: flickr / PilotGirl )
Corozal town ( Image source: commons.wikimedia / Jon )
Independence Day ( Image source: flickr / hat3m )
Belize city sculpture ( Image source: / Drema Swader )

Image of title: Caye Caulker Village , Source: flickr / dronepicr

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  1. It is a very very beautiful country, you will be happy to visit it. But, you must seek, before departure, if there are any health or safety dangers.

  2. In all the civilizations of Humanity, there are extra-logical and extra-realistic literatures. they are just metaphisysical dreams of non-scientific and anti-scientific brains.

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