Traveling in 2022: TRIESTE

Trieste is a city and a port on the Adriatic Sea in the far northeast of Italy.
Its population: 204,000 inhabitants.
Trieste is famous for its important port, for its Grand Canal, for its many monuments and for its cafes which are still intellectual and literary places.
The city – and its surroundings – keeps traces of all the forces and civilizations passed in Italy during 4000 years.
The climate of Trieste is humid subtropical, without summer drought.

Trieste from Monte Grisa ( Image source: flickr / Dean Zobec )
The Palace of the Austro-Hungarian Lloyd, built in 1879 ( Image source: fr.wikipedia / Otto Normalverbraucher )
The coast of Barcola ( Image source: flickr / antonio )
Smolars House (1906) ( Image source: fr.wikipedia / Amadalvarez )
Riccardo Arch, Roman Arch from the 1st century BC. J.-C ( Image source: fr.wikipedia / Luca Boldrini )
Miramare Castle ( Image source: fr.wikipedia )
Image source: flickr / antonio
Dead Warriors II sculpture ( Image source: flickr / Andreas Manessinger )

Image of title:The big post and Vittorio Veneto Square (source: it.wikipedia / Diego Delso )

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  1. Very pretty. I am planning to visit the Adriatic coastline (Italy, Croatia, Bosnia) next year. Trieste looks like a good addition. Are there any other cities you would reccomend?

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