“Scratched” by ALOZADE Ahmed

“Scratched” is an artistic creation of the lyrical abstract style. His main subject is the multi-dimensional layers of reality: Emotions inspired by one system hide another stronger, deeper and more emotional system.
The work presents an aesthetic, expressionist and very dynamic image, which touches the viewer’s psyche and forces him to react.
Creation date: January 14, 2022

“Scratched” (January 14, 2022) by ALOZADE Ahmed
Detail 1
Detail 2

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3 réflexions sur ““Scratched” by ALOZADE Ahmed

  1. yes dear Christina. under each apparent reality hides one or more other layers of this reality. If you scratch, you discover other shapes, other colors, other personalities, other principles, other feelings, other beauties…and other cosmoses.

  2. Ahmed, the many layers of reality painting has hidden meanings. The use of square details is a sharp contrast with definite emotions. Quite an interesting abstract to ponder. 📚🎶 Christine

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