Rare images of Copenhagen

Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark (since the 15th century). It is located on the eastern coast of the island of Seeland, facing the strait of Øresund which separates Denmark from Sweden, in the Baltic Sea. The city has 650,000 inhabitants.
Copenhagen, founded in the 10th century by the Vikings, is famous for its port, its many bridges, parks and waterfronts. It is also famous for its historic center, its colorful houses, and its many pedestrian streets and cycle paths (80% of Copenhagen’s population are pedestrians and cyclists). Copenhagen is the 5th greenest European city.

Copenhagen plaza ( Image source: flickr / Cesar Huete )
The Børsen in the center, and Christiansborg Castle on the right. ( Image source: fr.wikipedia / Tango7174 )
Frederiksborg Castle – Fountain ( Image source: global-geography.org /  Gerhard Huber )
The Tietgen Residence Hall ( Image source: wiki.ead.pucv.cl )
Image source: flickr / Patrick Müller
Hans Christian Anderson sculpture (Danish novelist, playwright, storyteller and poet 1805-1875) (Image source: flickr / Pug Girl )
Graffiti in Copenhagen ( Image source: flickr / kami68k [Graz & Allover] )

Image of title: Nihaven. Source: flickr / Xavi

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  1. That’s life, always. The idiots, the lazy and the unlucky must pay the price. but the new dangers that I observe come from the extremes (feminists, sexists, mafiosists….) who take advantage of freedom and attack democracy.

  2. I have heard that the citizens of Denmark are the most contented and happiest with their government of all nations. But I met a Dane who said that life was very dull there and that he preferred to live in San Francisco, California. Also, that the artist Paul Gauguin tried to live there but was unhappy and disliked the Danes. I suppose that you can’t please everyone. But I want to go there to experience life in a socialist society. (Socialist- not Communist.) Life in the United States is not so good with some people very rich and others living homeless and outside in filth on the sidewalks.

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