Traveling in 2022: KOCHI, Japan

Kōchi 高知市 is a Japanese city, located south of the island of Shikoku, on the Pacific coast, in the middle of a charming nature.
The city of Kochi is famous for its ancient and original castle
17th century building which dominates the historic town centre, built on a hill in the middle of a green park. Also famous for the Chikurin-ji temple, the Makino botanical garden at the top of Mount Godaisan, Katsurahama beach and its main matsuri, the Yosakoi dance festival
It is also famous for its artisanal activities and its local gastronomy, headlined by the famous dish based on semi-cooked bonito, called katsuo no tataki.
Its population: 340,000 inhabitants.

Kochi Castle ( Image source: flickr / bethom33 )
Kochi city skyline ( Image source: ja.wikipedia / Nobunaga24 )

Katsurahama beach ( Image source: flickr / x768 )
Chikurinji Temple Autumn Leaves ( Image source: en.wikipedia / Dokudami )

Statue in Kōchi castle ( Image source: flickr / RachelH )
Katsuo-no-tataki (=a lightly grilled skipjack tuna sashimi. it is eaten with soy sauce and ginger) ( Image source: ja.wikipedia / からayustety )
Group of dancers participating in the Yosakoi festival, holding the traditional naruko during their performance. ( Image source: / )

Image of title: Kochi City and Kagami river Source: commons.wikimedia / Kounosu

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