Traveling in 2022: The Chartreuse Massif

The Chartreuse massif is a mountain range in the Pre-Alps, . It culminates at 2,082 meters above sea level in Chamechaude. It consists mainly of limestone arranged in successions of anticlines and synclines forming long lines of ridges. The Guiers river and its tributaries flow in depressions separated by passes, before penetrating the karstic networks dug into the limestone.
The massif is experiencing an economic boom, based on specialized agriculture, modernized forestry, winter ski resorts and tourism for hiking, climbing, visits to cavities and free flight.
The largest towns in the massif are Grenoble (160,000 inhabitants) to the south, and Chambéry (60,000 inhabitants) to the north.
The massif is rich – also – in historical remains and monuments inherited from former occupants since prehistoric times.

Image source: flickr / thanjuzo
On the right, the Dent de Crolles and on the left, with a cutaway, the summit of Chamechaude ( Image source: flickr / Claire TRESSE )
Cave of the Balme ( Image source: espeleobloc.blogspot )
North end of the massif from the town of Chambéry ( Image source: fr.wikipedia / Florian Pépellin )
Saint-Eynard fort (is located at 1,325 meters above sea level. It is one of the seven forts constituting the fortified belt of Grenoble. Built in 1879)
Grenoble city ( Image source: flickr / theilr )
The greatest street artists gather every year at the Grenoble Street Art Fest ( Image source: / Olivier Granoux )

Image of title, source: flickr / Arthur Täysikuu

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