Traveling in 2022: State of Bahia

The state of Bahia is a federated state of Brazil, located in the northeast, on the Atlantic coast.
Its population 16,000,000 inhabitants, its area is 564,273 km2.
Bahia was the first region of Brazil colonized by the Portuguese in the 16th century.
Bahia has a very varied economy (tropical agriculture, mining, chemical industry, tourism,…
Bahia is home to the most typical Brazilian popular culture.
The capital of Bahia is Salvador (3,000,000 inhabitants), the three other important cities are: Feira de Santana, Vitória da Conquista and Camaçari.
The state is famous for its beautiful beaches, its sunny climate all year round, its reefs, its reserve of the Indians of the Pataxo tribe and its gastronomy which uses dendê oil.

Friars Island ( Image source: commons.wikimedia / Tatiana Souza )
Aerial image of Farol da Barra in Salvador ( Image source: )
Bahia Museum of Modern Art ( Image source: flickr / Clarissa Pacheco )
Pelourinho, Salvador city ( Image source: flickr / ¡Carlitos )
Scarlet Movement in the Cultural Festival of the State of Bahia ( Image source: flickr / FUNCEB /Fundação Cultur )
The natives of Bahia demand the reactivation of scholarships for university students ( Image source: / Tiago Miotto/CIMI )
The feijoada. The mixture of black beans, rice, orange, pork chop with spinach and fried bacon, and this meat stew with sausages ( Image source:

Image of title: Resende Beach, Source: flickr / …your local connection

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